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Southwest Airlines Reservations

Southwest Airlines Reservations

Southwest Airlines Co. is a trusted and reputed American airline company with an impeccable track record. Located in Dallas, Texas, this service provider is known as the world's largest low-cost carrier. The founders, Herb Kelleher and Rollin King, formed Air Southwest Co. in 1967. The name Southwest Airlines came into existence in 1971. After adopting the new name, the company started operating as an intrastate airline service provider in Texas. The initial destination points were San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas.        

Today, Southwest has been dealing with around 4,000 departures a day. It employs more than 60,000 employees. In terms of carrying a maximum number of domestic passengers in the USA, Southwest retains the number one position. The company also operates flights to ten countries nowadays. The aircraft of Southwest Airlines has been flying to 103 destinations within the USA. This airline company recently focuses on a series of expansions to many new airports, including Palm Springs International Airport.
When Southwest commenced its operations, three airline companies went to court to prevent it from offering services at a lower price. The company was planning to fly only within Texas so that it gets exemptions from several regulations. All legal complexities and petitions were disentangled, and airlines started operating regularly scheduled flights within Texas. The company gradually expanded its business to several more cities within Texas and even to adjacent states.

Southwest Airlines Reservations

Southwest has been operating flights to 103 destinations covering 40 states. It also schedules flights to countries like the Caribbean, Central America, Puerto Rico, and Mexico. The company did not utilize other airline companies’ hub and spoke systems. It focuses on the point-to-point system in combination with a rolling hub model. In 202o, this airline company plans to operate flights to several leading airports in the USA and international airports.  

Southwest has crew bases in 11 airports, namely Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago-Midway, Dallas Love Field, Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Orlando, Oakland, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston-Hobby, and Denver. Boeing 737 aircraft were only used by the company except for nine years starting from 1979. During that period, it made use of Boeing 727-200s. Now, the fleet of Southwest contains only Boeing 737 and a few Boeing 734. The company chooses aircraft very carefully based on performance, economics, and safety.

With a clear focus on offering the best passenger experience, Southwest Airlines has maintained a long-lasting relationship with its customers. Though most U.S. airline companies have implemented a price for checked luggage, this airline allows two free checked bags for a passenger. To make life a lot easier for passengers, the company does not ask for any change fees for the last-minute itinerary changes. You can change the flight even 10 minutes before the scheduled time without paying any fee. The company only charges the price difference if the new flight is more expensive than the original one. You get a credit if the new flight is cheaper than the actual flight. When it comes to canceling a ticket, you qualify for a travel credit based on the cash you paid for the visa. This credited amount can be utilized for any other ticket purchase from the Southwest within a year.    

Southwest Reservations

Complimentary in-flight non-alcoholic beverages are offered for all passengers. You can buy alcoholic drinks at a modest price as well. If you are a part of the company's special schemes like Rapid Rewards, you get drinks vouchers with your tickets. Further, passengers qualify for free alcoholic drinks on certain holidays. Other benefits include complimentary pretzels and free Nabisco snacks. Many passengers will appreciate the unique boarding announcements of the company.

When a company focuses on customer satisfaction with great intensity and dedication, it manages to reduce the number of customer complaints considerably. Based on the DOT (Department of Transportation) statistics, Southwest stands taller among all other airline companies in the USA regarding the lowest number of complaints received. That is to say; the company keeps most of the customers satisfied. This approach leads to the formation of a large pool of loyal customers. That is what exactly happened with Southwest Airlines.

Innovative boarding methods are the specialty of this airline company. Passengers were classified into three categories as A, B, and C before 2007. They needed to line up at their allotted letter and board accordingly. The company amended this method in 2007. A number system was introduced to make the boarding procedure more attractive. All passengers get a letter and number between 1 and 60. Within each letter group, they have to stand in the queue based on the numerical order. Passengers are allowed to select any open seat on the flight. One of the latest studies conducted by Mythbusters says that this boarding procedure is the most hassle-free and fastest method compared to the conventional boarding methods.      

SW Airlines Reservations

You can quickly board the flight with Southwest Airlines. As you get into the aircraft, it never lets you feel disappointed. High-quality in-flight entertainment systems are provided to make the passengers comfortable and relaxed. The company's flights come with Wi-Fi, free app messaging, free streaming music, free movies, and free streaming live television. This airline company conducted a test on the in-flight entertainment systems; Southwest offered in-flight Wi-Fi Internet connectivity using Global Eagle Entertainment's satellite-broadband. Today, you can enjoy live in-flight TV, messaging, movies, and real-time flight tracking information without paying any fees. All regular passengers get internet access at a nominal fee. This facility is made available accessible for A-List Preferred Rapid Rewards members.

With a strong commitment to offering the best facilities and ambiance inside the aircraft, the company came up with a plan to introduce a new interior design in 2012 known as Evolve. The significant enhancements included:

A more sophisticated cabin design.

A unique fixed-wing headrest.

Better ergonomics.

  • Improved under-seat space.
  • Fresh netted seatback pockets.

More comfortable yet lighter seats made of environmental-friendly products were also introduced.  With the new design, Southwest could accommodate a few more extra rows of seats on its aircraft. If you look at the Boeing 737-800s, you can find the Boeing Sky interior. This interior type comes with remodeled window housings, more headroom, LED mood lighting, and sculpted sidewalls.  

Southwest Airlines Flight Reservations

The Heart interior was another interior remodeling done by the company in 2016. One of the main features was the widest seat that perfectly sits on a Boeing 737. Equipped with a new gallery, it offers some extra space. This type of chair is available on all 737 MAX and 737-800s. For complementing the look of the Heart Interior, the company will add fresh, bold blue seat cushions and new bulkheads on all existing 737 aircraft.  

Southwest introduced an innovative frequent-flyer program known as The Company Club in 1987. Most airline companies designed programs based on distance flown. Southwest didn’t follow this trend. This airline company's new scheme offered benefits for passengers depending on the trips flown without considering the distance. Later in 1996, the company renamed The Company Club as Rapid Rewards. Providing one credit for each one-way flight, the Company Club offered a free round-trip ticket with a validity of one year when a passenger acquired 16 credits within two years. Altering this program to a point system depending on the ticket expense, Rapid Rewards allows passengers to earn and redeem points according to a three-tier fare scale multiplier. This change was introduced in 2011. There are no seat restrictions, expiring credits, and blackout dates as far as this new scheme is concerned. A passenger can make use of the Rapid Rewards points until his death,

Southwest Airlines employs around 60,000 people. More than 80% of these employees are members of a union known as the Southwest Airline Pilots' Association. It doesn’t connect with pilots' common association across various airline companies called the Air Line Pilots Association. There is also a union for the aircraft maintenance technicians called AMFA. The company has been cooperating with all these unions to ensure smooth operation and well-being of all employees.

SWA Reservations

The business model of Southwest Airlines inspires several airline companies and other types of businesses. Several airline companies have been trying to emulate the strategies put forward by this company. This airline service provider's successful business strategy blends skilled and experienced workforce and high aircraft productivity with reduced unit costs. The company focuses on lowering aircraft turnaround time, especially at the gate, to deliver the customers' best air travel experience. Several airline companies followed Southwest Airways' footsteps, including Ryanair, EasyJet, WestJet, AirAsia IndiGo, Jetstar, Lion Air, and many more. The unique marketing strategies employed by Southwest help them gain the much-needed competitive edge. The bottom line is that this airline service provider has been a role model for several players in this field.

When you are talking about a company with the least number of customer complaints, you can always expect the least number of accidents reported. That is what exactly happens with Southwest Airlines. The track record of the company is excellent and fulfills the expectations of the customers responsibly. Most advanced flights are used to ensure the optimal safety of the passengers. The aircraft are also maintained promptly to leave nothing to guesswork. Southwest Airlines performs employee recruitment with the utmost care and vigilance. An experienced and competent team of pilots, flight attendants, technicians, engineers, and customer support executives works with strong commitment and discipline to serve customers perfectly.

Nothing is more critical to Southwest than customer satisfaction. The customers mean everything to this airline company. The company describes itself as a customer service company that operates in the airline industry. This attitude reflects the care and attention the company gives to customer satisfaction. The responsibility starts when you book a trip, and it ends only when you deplane. You can always expect the safest, most enjoyable, and rewarding travel experience when choosing Southwest Airlines.

Southwest Air Reservations

If an airline wants to win the hearts of the customers, it needs to follow transparent practices. This reputed airline service provider does things differently with a clear focus on transparency. Southwest has invented a new word to describe their honest approach, i.e., “Transparency.” This aspect suggests that the company has been honest and open regarding dealing with its customers. You don’t need to worry about any hidden expenses when you book a ticket from Southwest. Since this company follows the highest level of transparency, it has created a long pool of loyal customers. Low fares and luxurious amenities make a perfect combination to create a stunning impression on all passengers.

This airline company never falls short in terms of its social commitment and environmentally friendly practices and approaches. It has been actively involving with many community development projects and other social causes to contribute to society as a part of its social commitment. It has been associating with many charitable organizations to help the needy and poor. This airline company is also committed to protecting its interests and well-being by offering several incentives and other types of benevolent schemes.

Southwest Airlines Co. also follows environmental-friendly practices to make this planet a better place to live. The efforts of the company to reduce the carbon footprint are highly laudable. It has also come up with many innovative plans to make the flight operations environmental-friendly. The customers and the well-wishers well appreciate these sincere and committed efforts of the company.

If you are looking to fly without worrying about cost and comfort, you can choose Southwest Airlines. This airline company takes care of the interests and preferences of the customers responsibly and efficiently. The best security protocols are followed to ensure the optimal safety of the passengers. You can even expect the most advanced travel solutions like contactless boarding with this reputed and reliable airline company.        

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