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Senior Discount Flights

Senior Discount Flights

Is being old the end of the world? Does it mean you are just liable to eat, sleep and repeat? To break this stereotype, the senior Discount Flights' concept was introduced where senior citizens residing in India are entitled to receive special travel discounts. Just think about the situation when you are retired, free from all tensions and responsibilities, and get a chance to roam the world. There is altogether a different level of satisfaction one would get. As people grow old, they tend to become a child again, get excited and happy with small things, and travel is one such activity that can heal their souls, refresh their minds, and help them live a healthy life.

The name specifies its aim, i.e., to provide discounts to seniors traveling in flight. However, it comes with its terms and conditions, which are required to be met. It is an excellent and thoughtful initiative started by Air India for its customers. Different airlines have different policies and terms for providing this discount.

Do they offer discounts?

Many passengers doubt the senior discount scheme offered,d but the catch is that they offer the discounts but on specific criteria that are mandatory to be fulfilled.

Various criteria for obtaining discount-


To benefit from this offer, the customer, instead of a senior citizen, must have attained the minimum age of sixty years and have citizenship of India, i.e., not be an NRI (Non-Resident Indian). While booking tickets, under this offer, passengers are required to show their age proof via documents.

Another eligibility criterion is that this discount is only allowed on domestic flights, i.e., international flights do not allow any value. However, some airlines offer concession discounts varying from 5-15 percent on international flights.

2.Documents Required-

While booking a flight, under the discount offer, a documentation process is carried on, under which various documents are required like, a good photograph with ID card like Aadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving license, Passport, a Senior citizenship card which will be provided by the respective airline, as a proof of their age and being an Indian resident. Also, the airline's senior citizenship card is required to be shown at the time of check-in and to get the boarding pass.

3.Validity of the discount and offer-

However, different airlines have their policies and criteria for validity, but generally, the validity period offered is of one year. It merely means that the passengers who avail of this offer can use this discount within one year from the issue. It is fixed for all the customs, ers, and the airlines maintain a strict policy under this criterion.

4.Discount offered-

The main question which remains in every customer’s mind is how much discount will they get. However, there is no basic compulsion ofa fixed discount. Some airlines offer a 50 percent discount on the Economic class only upon the ticket's base fare to be purchased. Some airlines offer different discounting rates varying from 8-30 percent as well. It comes with a list of terms and conditions that are mandatory to be followed to enjoy the offer.


The discount comes with seniors' excellent chance of visiting exotic places at a cheap rate like beaches and hill- stations, like Ooty, Bali, Visakhapatnam, Shilong, Florida, Malaysia. Also, they can enjoy pilgrimage destinations like Tirupati, Haridwar, Rameswaram, and Puri.

For new experiences, they can even travel to places like Manali, Andaman, Munnar, etc. The passengers are allowed discounts on both domestic and international flights as per respective airlines' policies. When on vacation, everything feels right.

6.Refund or cancellation-

In case the customer requires to cancel their flight, airlines permit them to do so, but at times, they take back the senior flight discount or charge some fees to extend or continue the deal on the next flight booking. It merely depends from airlines to airlines. Similarly, in case of claiming a refund for the cancellation, the airlines either cancel the discount amount or charge some fees and deduct it from the price paid to purchase a ticket. Each airline has its own set of rules regarding this refund and cancellation procedure.

The passengers are not allowed to transfer their ticket under this discount scheme, nor can it be used by any children or citizens below sixty.

7.Cheap Airlines

To enjoy cheap flight benefits, the customers must search online websites and airlines offering discounts and comparing them to get the best deal out of it. Some of the best sales happen to be provided by Air India who is best known for these senior flights discount. It offers a 50 percent discount on the base fare, which is the highest amongst the other airlines. Indigo and SpiceJet airlines also come, with great offers like 8 percent discount on national flights. Qatar Airlines offers an increased value of 15 percent on domestic as well as international flights.
Despite these conditions, the airlines restrict few facilities as they charge for the food separately, any books or magazines and any other added benefit is generally not provided. Another concern is that the luggage limit remains 15kgs only.

Also, the passengers need to be very cautious while booking as many fake sites are available who commit fraud in the names of discounts and update themselves by checking the original websites and the trusted ones before booking, especially from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) who claim to offer high discounts.

Also, passengers need to hire trusted agents while booking directly through them and know pertinent details before booking.

However, the typical discounts offered by these airlines are relatively cheaper than these senior discount flight rates. Still, if found correctly, customers can get the best deals at a lost cost, which can be an excellent opportunity to travel.  Even with conditions, it is a beneficial discount that can help seniors and a real-lifetime opportunity.

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