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Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

Hawaiian Airlines Reservations

Hawaiian Airlines is one of the ten largest commercial airline companies in the USA. This flag carrier holds the number one position among the airline companies in Hawaii. The headquarters of the company is located in Honolulu. With its central hub at Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Oahu, the company has been owned and operated by Hawaiian Holdings, Inc.  This airline company has a secondary hub in Kahului Airport, Island of Maui. At Los Angeles International Airport, you can find a crew base of Hawaiian Airlines.

Operating flights to South Pacific, North America, and Asia, Hawaiian Airlines has been serving many customers with dedication and discipline. Many people rely on this company to fly to United States Mainland, French Polynesia, American Samoa, Australia, and New Zealand. Being known as the oldest airline company in the US, Hawaiian has an enviable track record. You will get a fair idea of this company's quality of services if you check the accident statistics of this carrier. Since its inception in 1929, it has never had a deadly accident. Any hull loss has not yet been reported after nine decades.      
Besides offering safe and reliable air travel solutions for passengers, Hawaiian Airlines ranks number among the airline companies in terms of timeliness. It also stays on top in terms of the fewest baggage handling problems, over sales, and cancellations. What do all these aspects indicate? These statistics suggest that the company focuses on customer satisfaction more than anything else. That is to say, you can expect a safe, hassle-free, convenient, and enjoyable travel experience when you choose Hawaiian Airlines.

Hawaiian Reservations

The former name of the company was Inter-Island Airways. This company was constituted on January 30, 1929, and started its operations in the same year with short sightseeing flights in r Oahu. The company also began scheduled service immediately with a flight from Honolulu to Hilo. It was in 1941 that the name Inter-Island Airways was changed to Hawaiian Airlines. During this transformation phase, the company eliminated all its Sikorsky S models, and Douglas DC-3s were included in the fleet.  

In 1952, Hawaiian added much more sophisticated aircraft were added. This airline began jet service in 1966 by adding Douglas DC-9-10 aircraft. .Even today, the company keeps on embracing the most advanced aircraft with the latest technology to deliver the best flying experience for its customers. The expansion plans gained momentum during the 1980s due to the fierce competition among the companies that operated inter-island flights. Hawaiian airlines commenced operating outside the inter-island market in 1985. Charter services were established in the South Pacific and other areas of the Pacific region. After a short stint of success, the company had to reduce the charter services due to the Federal Government's ban. The government banned all aircraft in the USA without hush kits.

In 1985, Hawaiian added Lockheed L-1011 TriStars to its fleet to start its first scheduled operation out of Hawaii. It was a significant step in the history of this airline company. This move helped the company to compete with prominent US air carriers.  With the inclusion of L-1011s aircraft, the company expanded its operations to cities like Anchorage, Las Vegas, Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco in 1985 and 1986.

Hawaiian Air Reservations

In 1986, Hawaiian Airlines started operating flights to international destinations like Australia and New Zealand. The company also focused on expanding international charter business and acquired several military transport contracts. This approach increased the revenue of the company manifold. Simultaneously, Hawaiian also got engaged in the development and construction of Kapalua Airport. The company was the only carrier serving the airport during the 1980s.  

The company had to deal with a significant financial crisis during the 1990s. For three consecutive years, Hawaiian Airlines ended up making losses of millions of dollars. As the situation started deteriorating fast, the company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 1993. During this revival phase, it focused on curtailing costs, including getting rid of several aircraft to stream the fleet, cut overcapacity, reduce employee incentives, and reorganize debt. Further, the company sold Kapalua Airport to Hawaii State in 1993. All these activities and careful planning helped the company to come out of bankruptcy in 1994.    

Between 1994 and 2003, the company focused on replacing outdated aircraft with the latest ones to provide the best service for the customers. Six DC-10s were leased from American Airlines to strengthen the fleet. American Airlines offered maintenance services and allowed Hawaiian to be part of its SABRE reservation system and AAdvantage plan. It was only in 2002 that the company started replacing The DC-10s with Boeing 767.  As a part of its modernization program, the company introduced a few more new aircraft to its fleet.  

Hawaiian Airlines Flight Reservations

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy once again in 2003 due to increasing financial difficulties. Though Hawaiian kept going with its normal operations, $4.5 million was overdue to the pilots' pension plan. In 2005, the court approved the reorganization plan of Hawaiian Airlines. After two years, it exited bankruptcy with the help of lowered operating expenses and reorganized aircraft leases. RC Aviation, a well-known Ranch Capital subsidiary, purchased a majority share in Hawaiian Holdings in 2004.

During the post-bankruptcy period, the company focuses on more expansion activities. Some of them include starting nonstop daily flights from Honolulu to San Jose, expanding service between the US mainland and Hawaii with more Boeing 767-300 aircraft, signing an agreement worth a $45 million contract with Air New Zealand for performing maintenance works on Boeing 767, introducing nonstop flights to Manila, and commencing operations between Honolulu and Tokyo-Haneda. All these initiatives boosted the performance of the company and increased revenue in the best possible way.        

On January 12, 2011, Hawaiian Airlines began nonstop service to Seoul-Incheon, South Korea.[36] On March 31, 2011, Hawaiian announced that they would be renovating the inter-island terminal's check-in lobby at the Honolulu International Airport (Hawaiian's central hub). Hawaiian, the only occupant of the inter-island terminal, will be removing the traditional check-in counter to install six circular check-in islands in the middle of the lobbies. Those check-in islands can be used for inter-island, mainland, and international flights.[37] On July 12, 2011, Hawaiian added Osaka, Japan, to its network.[38] On November 17, 2011, Hawaiian ordered five additional Airbus A330-200 aircraft.[39]

Hawaiian Airlines Flights Reservation

Further in 2012, Hawaiian strengthened its presence in the east coast region daily flights to JFK International Airport, New York.  In the same year, this airline company started operating flights to Taipei, Taiwan. As a part of its aggressive expansion plan, it made efforts to get permission for operating flights to several areas in the USA and many international destinations, including China. A new logo and livery were introduced in 2017 as well.    

Hawaiian Holdings, Inc is the parent company of Hawaiian Airlines. This NASDAQ listed company has the sole ownership of all issued and outstanding shares of the airline company. Hawaiian Airlines has a regional subsidiary carrier known as Ohana by Hawaiian. This subsidiary operates three ATR 42 turboprop airplanes in collaboration with Empire Airlines.  

This airline company has codeshare partnerships with many leading companies all around the world. This codesharing offers customers many convenient options while flying to destinations beyond the original network. The bottom line is that it provides a more seamless customer experience.  The company's major codeshare partners are Virgin Australia, Korean Air, JetBlue Airways, Japan Airlines, and China Airlines. Moreover, many airline service providers place their marketing code on Hawaiian-operated flights, including United Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Air China, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, JetBlue Airways Philippine Airlines.

The turnover of the company is $2,832 million. This company employs more than 7,400 people. Each year, around 11 million people are making use of the services offered by Hawaiian Airlines. This company's fleet contains more than 68 aircraft, including Airbus A321neo, Airbus A330-200, Boeing 717-200, and Boeing 787-9.

One of the cabins that you can come across in Hawaiian Airlines flights is Extra Comfort seating. There is also Economy Comfort seating that allows seating space upgrades. You can come across many improved soft-product offerings on international flights operated by this company. It upgraded the Business Class cabins from standard cradle seats to 180-degree lie-flat seats. The ultimate focus of the company is to provide customers the best comfort and luxury. When it comes to offering in-flight entertainment, Hawaiian Airlines never falls short. DigEplayer portable video players were made available for rent by the company in 2013. You can also find on-demand units built into every seatback in all Airbus A330 aircraft. The company also provides personal device entertainment through apps on all-new Airbus A321neo aircraft.

Hawaiian offers complimentary as well as paid beverage service on all aircraft. You won’t get any meals on interisland flights. It is the only USA airline service to provide complimentary meals on all U.S mainland flights' main cabins. The best thing is that meal is prepared without using any preservatives. All ingredients are completely natural. Recyclable materials are used for packaging. By offering excellent meals in the main cabin, the company allows all passengers to choose a complimentary meal or upgrade to a premium meal.

This airline company introduced many more innovative offers between 2005 and 2020. One of the prominent offers was the introduction of a tapas menu for first-class passengers.  Other important ones include a complimentary tropical cocktail before landing on breakfast flights and a complimentary glass of wine on lunch or dinner flights. With an unbeatable track record of more than nine decades, Hawaiian Airlines has never failed to surpass the customers' expectations using innovative schemes and offers.  
The frequent-flyer program of the company is known as Hawaiian Miles. It was introduced in 1983. This program lets passengers redeem tickets based on the distance traveled. It also allows you to upgrade service class or get free or discounted merchandise, hotel stays, or car rentals, or other services or products through partners. Passengers are classified into different categories like Pualani Gold and Pualani Platinum. With these types of memberships, you qualify for privileges like complimentary upgrades, priority upgrades, exclusive club lounge access, and separate check-in.  The company also has frequent-flyer partnerships with other airline companies. It makes passengers eligible for many benefits when they travel in partner airlines of Hawaiian.    

At Hawaiian Airlines, all employees focus on making our services optimally safe, reliable, comfortable, and relaxing for passengers. Their strong commitment to world-class service is unquestionable. These people take immense pride in serving our guests and community with great passion, care, and love for air travel. If you travel on Hawaiian flights, you can experience authentic Hawaiian hospitality that is unmatched. You can talk to the customer support team at any time to clarify your doubts and concerns. You can expect the best answers and solutions from the group without making you wait for a long time.

Hawaiian has a team of experienced and disciplined pilots, flight attendants, airport operation professionals, and corporate executives who work with passion and commitment to make the company the number one airline service provider in the world. This airline company's fleet contains the most advanced aircraft that make use of the latest technology and safety measures. To protect the interests and rights of the employees, Hawaiian Airlines offer many benefits, including medical plan benefits at excellent rates, dental coverage, flexible spending accounts for health care and dependent care, 401(k) retirement plan with company matching contributions, long-term disability, life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and employee assistance program.

The company has been promoting environmentally friendly methods to minimize the negative impact on the environment. As a part of its corporate responsibility, Hawaiian Airlines has provided financial assistance to the poor and needy people. The company follows ethical practices and a transparent approach to take care of passengers, employees, partners, associates, and all other stakeholders.        

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