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Delta Airlines Reservations

Delta Airlines Reservations

Delta Air Lines Inc. is a well-known airline company in the USA. Popularly known as Delta, this legacy carrier has an excellent track record and a large client base. The headquarters of this company in Atlanta, Georgia. Delta has been operating more than 5400 fights every day. The presence of this airline is available in six continents and 52 countries. Around 90,000 employees are working for this company all around the world. Delta has been delivering a high-quality travel experience for its customers with the utmost accountability. It is the number one airline in the world in terms of total revenues.  Delta Air Lines has nine hubs. The largest hub is in Atlanta. It holds second place in the world in terms of the number of scheduled passengers carried. On the Fortune 500 List, the company ranks 69.   

Founded on December 3, 1928, Delta Air Service started passenger operations after one year. The headquarters of the company was in Monroe, Louisiana. Later in 1930, this company was reconstituted as Delta Air Corporation. As the company started growing, the headquarters was shifted to the existing location in Atlanta in 1941. After four years, the company name was changed to Delta Air Lines. As a part of expansion activities, Delta acquired many companies, including Northeast Airlines and Western Airlines.  

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Delta has a unique distinction of being the first airline company in the world to board more than 100 million passengers in a year. This feat was achieved in 1997. The fast growth of the company was a hot topic of discussion in the aviation industry. Passengers had tremendous faith in the services offered by the company. The unparalleled track record and reputation, and outstanding performance took Delta on top of the USA's airline companies. 

Delta Airlines Reservations

The rising fuel expenses started affecting the financial condition of the company over time. As things got complicated, Delta Air Lines filed for bankruptcy in 2005. After two years of legal battles and defending against the acquisition moves initiated by US Airways, the company listed the shares on the New York Stock Exchange in 2007. Later in 2008, Northwest Airlines was acquired by Delta Air Lines. It was a significant step that boosted the progress of the company tremendously. Today, this airline has 325 destinations spreading across six continents. 

Delta Air Lines' existing hubs are Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York -JFK, New York – LaGuardia, Salt Lake City, and Seattle. Being a founding member of the SkyTeam airline alliance, Delta has been associating with various airlines as part of the codeshare agreements. Some of them include Air Europa, Aeroflot, Air France, China Airlines, Garuda Indonesia, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Vietnam Airlines, and many more. The company is also having joint ventures with some leading airline companies such as Korean Air, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia, LATAM Airlines Group, Air France, and Aeromexico.  

Boeing and Airbus manufacture the aircraft used by Delta. The fleet of the company contains more than 760 planes. There is a specially constituted wing for the maintenance, repair, and overhaul of the aircraft. It is known as TechOps. Today, the company does not operate any aging air crafts. Delta focuses on replacing the old ones with new ones. That is precisely how the company manages to maintain high standards in terms of services and safety. 

Delta Flight Reservations

A cabin branding upgrade was done in 2015. At present, the company is offering six different cabin service choices, namely Basic economy, Main cabin, Comfort plus, First class, Delta Premium Select, and Delta one. Each house has its features and benefits. Basic economy is an essential category that can be purchased at a lower price than the main cabin. You cannot expect any paid or complimentary upgrades or ticket changes. The bottom line is that this cabin option is the one with the least flexibility. The main cabin is made available on all aircraft. If you choose this cabin as a passenger, you will get complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. 

You can find Delta Comfort + seats on all aircraft except new A350s versions. This cabin offers many advantages, including complimentary wine, beer, dedicated overhead space, and priority boarding. Medallion members have the option of upgrading Main Cabin to Comfort+ without paying any extra. Other passengers have to pay a fee for the upgrade. The first-class cabin is available on mainline domestic aircraft. You can also buy this cabin on certain international flights. You can enjoy more variety of free snacks in comparison with the main house. Further, it makes you legible for full medical service, free drinks, and meal service. First-class passengers also get features of power ports, priority boarding, and a few more entertainment options. 

Premium Select offers added seat pitch, extra width, additional legroom, and adjustable leg rest. There is also a new premium service available with this cabin. Delta one house features direct aisle access from each seat and lie-flat seating. Moreover, it comes with universal power ports, a folding work table, movable reading light, and an optional in-flight-entertainment system. You can also expect pre-flight Sky Club access, top-quality bedding, amenity kit, alcoholic beverages, refreshments, and complimentary chef-curated meals. 

Delta Airlines Flight Reservations

The corporate campus of Delta is situated on the northern boundary of the Atlanta International Airport. It has been the headquarters of the company for the past 79 years. The Delta TechOps is also located in the same place where all repair and maintenance works are performed. Delta has a strong presence in Minneapolis–Saint Paul (Twin Cities). In this region alone, the company offers jobs for around 12,000 people. The IT divisional offices are located in the Minneapolis area.  

A strong commitment to customer satisfaction is what drives the company to achieve greater heights. When it comes to offering services, all airline companies must focus on the carriers' safety aspects. Experienced pilots and flight attendants must be hired to offer the best services for the passengers. The aircraft need to be appropriately maintained to keep them in excellent condition. Delta Air Lines focuses on all these aspects with meticulous precision and the utmost accountability to serve customers in the best possible way. Their commitment to excellence is uncompromising. Delta follows ethical practices to safeguard the interests of the passengers. It also strives hard to meet all security standards and safety protocols to maintain optimal customer satisfaction. 

If you look at the company's track record, you can find very few accidents and other types of tragedies. The prime focus of the company is to look after the safety of the passengers. Inside the aircraft, the best amenities are provided to keep the guests entertained and relaxed. All employees are appropriately trained and experienced professionals with an excellent track record. They get the job done with discipline and dedication to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Delta never fails to solve the grievances of the passengers. The crew members respond fast and listen to your needs carefully before addressing your concern or solving your problem. This method of approach always helps Delta Air Lines retain the number one position among the airline companies all around the world. 

Delta Reservations

The logo of the Delta, often known as the widget, was released in 1959. The Greek letter delta accounts for the triangle shape of the logo. It also reminds the history of the company in the Mississippi Delta. The existing livery, Upward & Onward, comes with a white fuselage. The company name is printed in blue letters. You can also find a widget on the vertical stabilizer. The present livery was introduced in 2007 when Delta made some rebranding efforts after the bankruptcy issues. You could see eight colors on the old uniform. The new one contains only four colors. The rebranding plan worked wonders for the company. It took almost four years to change the paint and introduce the new one. 

As a socially responsible company, Delta Air Lines gives maximum importance to environmental friendliness. It has been making consistent efforts to reduce pollution by adhering to the best eco-friendly practices. The US Environmental Protection Agency honored Delta for its committed efforts to reduce the carbon footprint and corruption in 2008. Earlier, hazardous chemicals were used to control corrosion and increase paint adhesion. This practice was causing a lot of harm to the environment. Delta stopped this practice and used PreKote, a non-hexavalent chromium surface pretreatment on all aircraft. It is more environmentally friendly than the hazardous conventional coating materials used. 

It was a path-breaking action by the company. One of the main advantages of PreKote is that it lowers water usage by 70% and controls wastewater treatment efficiently. The time required to paint an aircraft can be reduced considerably with the help of this material.  If it saves time up to 8 to 10 percent, the annual savings come around $1 million. Many companies are following the footsteps of Delta nowadays. The carbon-neutral journey of the company is unwavering. Delta plans to invest $1 billion over the next decade to lower waste and carbon emissions. The goal is to implement new, innovative, and creative projects that guarantee a more sustainable future.

Delta Air Reservations

Annually around 200 million travelers are making use of Delta aircraft to meet their flight travel needs. The company approaches this business with a creative bent of mind. According to them, running an airline company is not taking people from one place to another. Further, it is about bringing people together. This unique vision encourages people to use the services offered by Delta time and again. A connected world is what they aim for. You cannot confine this company to just an airline service. It is an organization containing 90,000 people who work together to bring air travel solutions that bring people worldwide closer, promote acceptance, and make this world a better place to live. 

If you look at the employees of Delta, you can find how they view human beings. The hiring process reflects the company’s strong commitment to human values. Encouraging diversity in hiring, Delta reveals its multicultural perspective to the whole world. You can associate inclusivity with everything that the company does. It is hard to find a better company with such a strong vision and commitment. The charity works done by the company clearly show the social responsibility of the company. It gives 1% of the annual net income to charity projects to help the poor and needy people. 

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When it comes to choosing an airline company, you should be mindful of several aspects. Credibility and reputation are two essential aspects. If a company doesn’t have a good track record, people quickly turn away and look for better options. Another critical factor is the safety protocols that an airline service offers. It is always advisable to check the history of the airline company's accidents you plan to choose. The quality of the aircraft is also a critical thing to assess. How well the airplanes are maintained assumes an importance of paramount when you choose a service provider. It would help if you never undermined the reputation of the experience level and attitude of the employees. All these aspects are critically important when it comes to choosing an airline service provider.   

What about Delta Air Lines Inc.? Does this company meet all these requirements? The obvious answer is that Delta focuses on all these aspects to serve customers in the best possible way. It is also a responsible airline that follows ethical and environmentally-friendly practices. The multicultural approach of the company demands special appreciation. The business philosophy of Delta is not just to take people to their preferred destinations but to connect people and bring them together to make a better world.  Sustainable practices, inclusive attitude, and community engagement make a perfect combination to take Delta on top of the world's airline companies. High-quality aircraft and skilled and experienced employees provide the best travel experience for the passengers. 

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