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Allegiant Air Reservations

Allegiant Air Reservations

Allegiant Air is one of the most reputed and trustworthy ultra-low-cost airline companies in the USA. It operates scheduled as well as charter flights to various parts of the country. This company holds the ninth position among the commercial airline companies in the United States in terms of size. The company was founded as WestJet Express in 1997. The name of the parental company is Allegiant Travel Company. It is a publicly-traded company with a market capitalization of $2.6 billion.

Allegiant employs around 4,000 employees. Headquartered in Summerlin, Nevada, this company has managed to win many customers' hearts with committed and dedicated efforts. Later, the company changed its name to Allegiant Air after losing a trademark dispute with West Jet Air Center, South Dakota. Within one year, the company got FAA and US DOT certification to operate charter and scheduled domestic operations. During this period, Allegiant also received permission to use charter services in Mexico and Canada.
The company started its scheduled services in 1998 between Las Vegas and Fresno.  California. The aircraft used included Douglas DC-9-51 and Douglas DC-9-21 jetliners. Allegiant started operating nonstop flights between many various locations. When WinAir Airlines put an end to its operations in 1999, Allegiant Air began to a small hub in Long Beach, California. The expansion activities of the company gained momentum during this period. The company was operating several nonstop flights to many parts of the country.

Allegiant Air Reservations

Things were not looking great for Allegiant in 2000. The ever-rising fuel costs adversely affected the performance of the company. It found it extremely difficult to survive. So, Allegiant filed for bankruptcy protection in 2000. This crisis paved the way for Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., a major creditor of this company taking charge of the business. Using his experience in the low-cost airline industry, Gallagher remodeled Allegiant to a low-cost model. The company's focus has been shifted to smaller markets where big players were not operating with mainline aircraft. The headquarters of Allegiant was moved to Las Vegas.

Dedicated efforts helped the company to exit bankruptcy in 2001. The case settlement was also done in the next year. In 2002, this airline company signed an agreement with Harrah's to offer charter services to its casinos. Simultaneously, Allegiant purchased its first McDonnell Douglas MD-80 jetliner. The company came up with a clear plan and implemented it perfectly as far as the schedule service business is concerned between 2002 and 2004. This time, this airline company was operating flights from 13 small cities to Las Vegas with many attractive offers and schemes.

With a private equity placement, the parent company of Allegiant, Allegiant Travel, managed to raise $39.5 million in 2005. The funding was done by leading investment firms like Ireland and Comcast. In the very next year, Allegiant applied to an initial public offering of its Common Stock. The company managed to get $94.5 million in equity capital. The fleet of the company comprised 21 MD-80s with services extending up to 40 small cities. Some of them include Idaho Falls, Minnesota, Duluth, Pennsylvania, and Allentown.

Allegiant Airlines Reservations

Allegiant opened a new base at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, Arizona, in 2007. This base helped the operations of the company tremendously. During this period, Allegiant was operating 32 flights to 53 destinations. Allegiant Air started its fifth operations base at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. It allowed the company to connect other Allegiant cities to South Florida. In 2018, the company started its sixth base at Washington's Bellingham International Airport. The number of routes increased considerably to take the revenue to a different level.

It was in 2010 that this airline company reached the magical figure of one million passengers.    Allegiant, known as Allegiant Travel Company, purchased 18 extra MD-80 flights from Scandinavian Airlines. The opening of the ninth base at Gerald R. Ford International Airport, Michigan, was done in 2010. The company bought six used Boeing 757-200 jetliners to start operating flights to Hawaii.  A rash of mid-air breakdowns in 2015 brought Allegiant under federal scrutiny. These midair failures adversely affected the reputation of the company. The Federal Aviation Administration closely monitored the performance of the company during this period.

The company also opened bases at Asheville Regional Airport, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, Indianapolis International Airport, Destin–Fort Walton Beach Airport, McGhee Tyson Airport, Gerald R. Ford International Airport, and Des Moines International Airport. The number of aircraft in the fleet was 99 in 2017. The company was operating flights to 120 destinations. 

Allegiant Reservations Center

The turnover of Allegiant was $1,667million in 2018. Around 13.8 million passengers are making use of the airline services offered by the company. With a clear focus on cleanliness, the company is taking care of its customers' health responsibly. All aircraft are cleaned and disinfected in the best possible way, following the highest standards. Allegiant has set up a new standard for air purity that many other airline companies are trying to emulate nowadays. It gives the highest priority to customer safety and health. When it comes to offering protection, this airline company doesn’t leave anything to guesswork. Maintenance and repair works are done promptly under the supervision of experienced technicians.

You can come across many innovative schemes and offers if you visit the website of the company. Special discounts and offers are made available for regular customers. The parameters set by Allegiant while conducting employee recruitment are very high. The company only appoints skilled and experienced people with integrity. The ultimate objective of Allegiant Air is to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. It doesn’t want to make any compromise on ensuring customer satisfaction. That is precisely why this airline company chooses only dedicated, disciplined, and skilled employees. If you look at this service provider's employees' track record, you can find how much importance the company gives to employee recruitment.  

As of 2020, Allegiant operates to 117 destinations in the USA, primarily to smaller regional airports. Careful planning and analysis are done before selecting a new route. This method of approach helps the company to operate its flights at reduced prices. The reputation of Allegiant as an ultra-low-cost airline company in the USA is unbeatable. The company has crew bases at many airports in the United States, including Phoenix-Mesa, Indianapolis, Knoxville, Nashville, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Orlando/Sanford, Grand Rapids, Allentown, Fort Lauderdale, Asheville, Destin-Fort Walton Beach, Bellingham, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Sarasota-Bradenton, Punta Gorda, FL, Savannah/Hilton Head, and St. Petersburg/Clearwater.

Allegiant Flight Reservations

The company efficiently and responsibly protects the rights and interests of the workers. If you assess the accidents involving Allegiant Air, you can find them only in limited numbers. What does this aspect suggest? It conveys that the company has been following all safety precautions carefully to ensure the passengers' optimal safety.

Allegiant'sCorporatee Giving program focuses on specific areas to make air travel easy, accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. The company is committed to making a difference in the communities it serves. As a responsible service provider, Allegiant prioritizes causes that are relevant to them as a company. It explores all possibilities to make travel possible for all people who face critical medical challenges. The company also focuses on enabling community safety, preparedness, and recovery. Encouraging STEM education and access to careers in the aeronautical sciences, Allegiant makes life a lot easier for many people.  

The company provides a strong and healthy charitable giving program that permits the company to make a more powerful impact on the areas beings served. People can contact the company if they are looking to request a monetary or in-kind donation. Whenever the company receives a request, scrutiny is done to check whether the case is genuine or not.

Allegiant Air Flights Reservation

The company sets high standards for directors, officers, and employees. Sound corporate governance is what the company aims for. The Board of Directors is supposed to work as a prudent fiduciary for shareholders. It also has the responsibility to oversee the management of company operations. Specific procedures and standards are put in place for the Board of Directors to meet the duties and perform the assigned duties and responsibilities.  

The fleet strategy of the company is well-accepted among the airline companies in the USA. The policy of Allegiant Air to acquire used aircraft to reduce expenses was a top topic of discussion. Instead of ordering brand-new flights, the company focused on buying second-hand aircraft.  In 2010, Allegiant purchased 18 surplus MD-80 series aircraft. Six Boeing 757-200 aircraft were bought from Thomson Airways in April 2010. In the same year, Allegiant started reconfiguring each MD-80 flight from 150 seats to 166 seats. It was done by eliminating galleys from the planes. The company completed all conversions by 2013.

Thirteen used Airbus A319-100 aircraft were added to the fleet from a period between 2012 and 2015. Before that, Allegiant had already bought 9 Airbus A320-200 aircraft from Iberia. For accommodating the evolving needs, Allegiant acquired two extra A320s from Philippine Airlines. In 2015, the company placed its first order for new aircraft Airbus A320 directly from the manufacturer. Since then, the company changed its policy and started buying a few new aircraft.

Allegiant Airlines Flight Reservations

When an airline company offers lower fares, it has to implement strict cost control measures. That is what exactly Allegiant Air does. The company strictly adheres to specific strategies to control the operating expenses and offer its services at lower prices. McDonnell Douglas MD-80 jets' purchase was a significant step by the company to keep the costs under control. The company managed to purchase and refurbish for a lesser amount of $4 million. Though these flights' fuel-efficiency was less compared to other models, Allegiant needed to pay only one-tenth of the price of a new Boeing 737. These types of savings helped the company to make up for the higher fuel expenses and reduced airfares.  

Reduced ownership expenses and fewer aircraft operations in a day proved beneficial for the company. Allegiant used seven flight hours per day while many other companies were using 13 hours per day. When other carriers operated with more than 50 full-time workers per plane, Allegiant could perform the same tasks with 35 workers. Allegiant's crew member scheduling allowed employees to return to their domicile at the end of the day. So, the company could save on the expenses for hotel rooms. All these innovative steps helped the company curtail labor costs effectively.

The company also takes many more steps to control the expenses. One such measure is the efforts to maintain a low permanent operating cost at the airport. Ticket counters are rented on an hourly basis, and several duties are performed by airport employees contracted to the company. Providing access to flights exclusively through its website, Allegiant keeps control of overpricing. The website also offers many ancillary products to increase the revenue of the company.  All these cost control measures play a vital role in making Allegiant one of the most respected low-cost airline companies in the United States of America.
When it comes to choosing an airline company, you have to focus on some vital aspects. The credibility and performance of the company must be given the due attention they deserve. How much importance an airline service provider offers to the safety of passengers should be a top priority. The employees' attitude and approach also play an essential role in making a company acceptable to all.

The facilities and amenities are provided must be assessed carefully. When you consider all these aspects, you can find that Allegiant Air meets the industry's best standards. The company focuses on all these aspects with the utmost care and vigilance to truly enjoy the customer experience. Never failing to make a positive impression whenever you make use of this airline company; it meets your expectations perfectly.      

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