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Alaska Airlines Reservations

Alaska Airlines Reservations

If you choose the five largest airline companies in the USA, Alaska Airlines finds a place in that list. Headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, this company has a rich history spanning more than eight decades. It ranks fifth in the USA in terms of fleet size. Alaska Airlines also holds the fifth position in the USA regarding the number of destinations and scheduled passengers. It has been associating with regional partners such as SkyWest Airlines and Horizon Air to handle an extensive network domestically. The company is serving more than a hundred destinations in the USA and operating flights to countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Canada, and Hawaii. 

Since its inception in 1932, Alaska Airlines has been a synonym of integrity and professionalism. You can always experience a sense of care and warmth when you travel in Alaska aircraft. Ingenuity is another quality that can be associated with this airline company. The workforce has been the significant strength and asset of this company throughout these years. If you trace the history of this airline, you can find a long list of aviation milestones. It focuses on offering quality services to customers and gets involved with many social and community development activities. 

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The transformation from a small regional airline to a global carrier is phenomenal. More than 44 million people are using Alaska aircrafts every year. The routing system of the company spreads over four countries and 115 destinations. It has been operating from five hubs. The most prominent corner in the Seattle/Tacoma. However, the company is not part of any three leading airline alliances. However, the company is planning to get associated with Oneworld in 2020. The number of employees as of today is around 16,000 people. Due to the unwavering commitment to customers, Alaska has won the prestigious J. D. Power and Associates award for the highest customer satisfaction of the traditional airlines 12 times. 

As mentioned above, the company was founded in 1932. Earlier, there were two companies known as McGee Airways and Star Air Service. The former began its operations in 1932, and the latter commenced its commercial operations in 1933. After two years, Mac McGee was acquired by the Star Air Service. There were many mergers and alliances until 1944. Finally, the name was changed to Alaska Airlines in the same year. In 1960, the company fortified its operating base by joining hands with Alaska Coastal-Ellis and Cordova airlines. Today, the operations of Alaska Airlines spread across Fairbanks south, Ketchikan, and to Seattle. It even managed to handle frequent charters to the USSR even during the Cold War. 

The company was struggling a lot during the early part of the 1970s. That is when two people known as Bruce Kennedy and Ron Cosgrave started investing in the company. They took charge of the operations in 1972. Things were not looking great in terms of financial condition. However, these two gentlemen were determined to change the destiny of this airline. Setting clear goals and strengthening the relationship between the employees, they made efforts to revive the business. Creditors got impressed with their method of approach. Over time, the performance of the company improved considerably. 

Alaska Airlines Reservations

It was a critical phase in the history of the company. With the lessons learned and experience underwent, Alaska focused more on improving customer service to win the passengers' trust. This intent helped the company distinguishing it from the competitors. Customers started reacting positively, and the revenue increased substantially. Consequently, the company made profits nineteen years consecutively. 

With the deregulation of the airline industry in 1979, many airline companies started facing issues. However, Alaska Airlines used it as an opportunity for future growth. It focused on expansion activities on the West Coast. With the acquisition of Jet America and Horizon Air, the company stabilized its position in the industry. The size of the company increased three times by the end of the 1980s. There was also a five-fold increase in terms of fleet size during this period. 

What makes Alaska Airlines a top airline company in the USA? Though you can find many reasons, the most crucial factor is unparalleled customer service. This company managed to create a unique identity of its own with a clear focus on customer service. The company's successful journey has been an excellent lesson for several businesses across a wide range of industries. Opening up the East Coast using a new service to Washington DC was a significant breakthrough. Alaska Airlines entered into many more cities on the Midwest and East Coast after 2001. Of late, the company started a new service to Hawaii.      

To make the travel experience more enjoyable, hassle-free, and convenient, Alaska introduced many advanced technologies. The customer innovations of the company genuinely deserve special appreciation. All these developments benefit the customer tremendously. It was the first company to start online ticket sales in North America. This company also holds a unique record. It was the first company to permit customers to check-in, and print boarding passes online. 

Alaska Airlines bought Virgin America in December 2016. This acquisition made the company the number one airline on the West Coast. The FAA allowed a single operating certificate after two years. Some people may wonder how Alaska survived in the commercial aviation field for so long when many leading companies vanished from the scene. Extreme courage, determination, and discipline are three qualities that played a vital role in this great company's monumental success. Above all, the workforce of Alaska is the most significant contributor. Unparalleled commitment to customer service easily distinguishes Alaska from its competitors. The employees are incredibly caring and knowledgeable. They listen to the needs of the customers carefully and act responsibly to solve the issues. The integrity and professionalism, along with Washington's exclusive spirit, make this company one of the best airlines in the USA. 

Alaska Air Reservations

Alaska Air Group is the parent company where all performance figures of Alaska Airlines are integrated. The airline company has a fleet of more than 237 aircraft. The total revenue of the company is more than $7,381 million. The Alaska Air Cargo wing has been operating across most parts of the United States. The West Coast region is the number one cargo operator among the passenger airline companies that run the air cargo business. With c clear focus on contiguous northwestern states, Alaska's cargo operations mainly deal with fresh seafood and US Postal Service mails. 

The company has never failed to meet its social commitments as a responsible business organization. It has been offering assistance to deserving people all across America. Under the title, Alaska Airlines Foundation provides grants to many non-profit and charitable organizations. The association constituted by the pilots working at Alaska Airlines is known as Air Line Pilots Association; the flight attendants' organization is called the Association of Flight Attendants. 

The company has been operating flights to more than 115 destinations in the USA, Canada, Costa Rica, and Mexico. You can find Alaska aircraft to places inaccessible by roads like Sitka, Prudhoe Bay, Nome, King Salmon, Kotzebue, and many more. The company has codeshare agreements with many carriers, including American Airlines, Emirates, British Airways, Fiji Airways, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, etc. 

Boeing 737 series aircraft are the major player in the fleet of Alaska Airlines. With the acquisition of Virgin America in 2018, Airbus A320 family aircraft were added to the fleet. The long-term objective of the company is to rely only on Boeing 737 mainline fleet. Alaska cannot sell the Airbus A320 aircraft because most of them are already given for lease. So the transition to Boing 737 can only be achieved after 3 to 4 years. The cargo fleet contains Boeing 737-700 freighter jets. 

The log and livery of Alaska Airlines have been the same for the last five decades. On the front sides of the fuselage, you can find the word Alaska. The logo consists of an image of a native Alaskan Eskimo on the vertical stabilizer. It was in 1972; the Eskimo image was first introduced. From 1970 to 2010, the paint color of Alaska's aircraft was white. The only exception was the image of the Eskimo. You could also see dark blue and teal stripes on the fuselage. Alaska Airlines had a plan to change the Eskimo logo to a new one. However, the employees insisted on retaining the same image. In the early part of the 1990s, the name Alaska was illustrated as a wordmark.   

Alaska Airlines Flight Reservations

Starting in the mid-1990s, the word "Alaska" was depicted as a wordmark. An icicle design for the letters was also given. Again in 2015, the company introduced a new or refined livery. It contained a simplified Eskimo design on the tail, navy blue paint, and fresh wordmark on the plane's sides. In the very next year, some more changes were introduced. The significant change was the streamlining of the Eskimo design. The strips on the fuselage were removed, and implemented a new jelly bean design. 

You can find three cabins on Alaska aircraft, namely First Class, Premium Class, and Main Cabin. All mainline flights contain First Class cabins. These types of places can also be found on regional jet aircraft. The significant features of First Class are complimentary snacks, towel service, alcoholic beverages, and hot meals, along with priority boarding. 

Like the First Class, you can find Premium Class cabin on all regional jet aircraft and mainline aircraft. Located in the economy cabin's first few rows, this type of house offers complimentary alcoholic beverages, premium snacks, and priority boarding. You can buy extra fresh food. Apart from buying Premium Class seating during booking, you can also upgrade as a complimentary package if you are one of Alaska's Mileage Plan loyalty program's elite fliers.

The economy class of Alaska Airlines is known as the Main Cabin. If you travel in this cabin, you will get complimentary non-alcoholic drinks and snacks. Economy passengers are also allowed to purchase extra snacks, alcoholic beverages, and fresh meals. You can find a USB power outlet on all mainline aircraft. 

To attract the customers and offer them a pleasurable journey, Alaska offers different types of reward programs. The most prominent one is the mileage plan. It is also known as a frequent flyer program. This plan does not ask you to be a part of any membership program or fee. It permits one-way redemption and the miles you accumulate as a part of this program expire if you don't fly within two years. If you are a frequent traveler, you can get into elite tiers like MVP, MVP Gold, and MVP Gold 75K. All these tiers offer many added travel advantages. 

Another reward plan known as Club 49 was introduced in 2011. If you are using the Mileage plan and reside in Alaska, you will qualify for this program. This program's significant advantages are timely email notifications about discounts and ticket sales and free checked bags. You don't need to pay any fee to apply for Club 49. One year is the membership validity, and you need to renew it after this period.    

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If you check the Alaska Airlines accidents statistics, you can find it much lesser than many other airline companies available in the USA. It suggests that the company is giving extreme importance to the safety of the aircraft. Further, experienced and skilled pilots, flight attendants, and other technicians are appointed to provide a smooth and safe travel experience for customers. 

Alaska never considers sustainability as a word. According to them, it is a responsibility or a commitment. This company makes sincere and dedicated efforts to operate and grow in an environmentally responsible way. Utilizing every opportunity for reducing the environmental impact, the company sets a perfect example for many others to emulate. This method of approach also brings value for employees and passengers.   

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